I always wanted to do something which is different and which makes me happy not bored that’s why I choose Digital Marketing.

I am a blogger, and a digital marketer in dehradun also a student Bachelor of arts, I have experience of 2+ year in digital marketing field and I help people to generate qualified leads or online presence.  

I started learning, applying and sharing things related to digital marketing from 2019, even i am so much indulge in this field that, I like and feel interesting doing it and after applying things the results which I see makes me more happier.

Before doing digital marketing I was doing my schooling from dehradun, as i completed my 12th I started learning and doing digital marketing practically and finally became a digital marketer even I worked as a Digital Marketing Specialist at Vardankur Media which is in Dehradun only.

I get an opportunity to learn and do things practically from Vardankur media as it is also a Digital marketing agency + a Digital marketing Training institute.

I choose digital marketing also because I think it’s a growing field and also in demand now days and everyone or every business is switching to it.

Today, I also work as Freelancer, for the ones who needs Digital Marketing at Budget friendly price, with quality results.

If you also want to contact me, you can contact me through my social media or Gmail.

More about me!!

Apart from being a Digital marketer and a student, I am the one who love eating TACOS, MOMOS and of course INDIAN FOOD!!!  

You can call me an animal who don’t get fat after eating so much (It isn’t Kismat, it’s footi kismat).

And yes one more thing, I am lazy too!

But when, it’s time to work I became lazy too..

Just kidding, personally I love my work and I can’t become lazy while doing it.

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